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Paris Hilton Testifies in Breach of Contract Case

December 16, 2009 by daanish358 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Paris Hilton headed to federal court today in Miami to defend herself in the breach of contract case against her. Hilton is being sued by movie
investors who claim that Hilton failed to do enough to promote her 2006 film “Pledge This.” Investors are suing Hilton for over $8 million. They claim that Hilton signed a contract saying she’d promote the film and its DVD release. Then, Hilton reportedly refused to do interviews or do other promotional duties.

Paris Hilton on the other hand, says that she constantly plugged the film and met the requirements of the contract. She says that the producers of the film made unreasonable demands of her, considering her full schedule.

In what is surely a humiliating figure for the producers of the film, “Pledge This” brought in $7.5 million” but only earned about $2.9 million.

While we have no way of knowing whether or not Paris fulfilled her contractual duties to the fullest, let’s look at the larger issue: Does anyone actually believe that “Pledge This” would have done significantly better had Paris Hilton done more rounds of those deadly interviews she gives? The ones where she answers questions with one or two words in a sickly sweet voice while posing and flipping her hair. Would that have made people run out in droves to see the film?

No. Sorry, movie producers, but you should probably just walk away from all this having learned a valuable lesson: People may want to download Paris Hilton’s sex tape and they may like to listen to her be the punch line in jokes told in the monologues of late night shows, but that doesn’t mean they want to watch her in the movie theater, or that they want to watch a DVD of her doing some of the world’s worst acting. The producers of the film should “pledge this”: Never work with Paris Hilton on a movie again.


From my point of view I think, it’s not sure that Paris Hilton is liable to do these interviews and other promotional activities to one side from the contract. As long as this remains doubtful, there is also a chance that the violation of contract can also come from the investors. In a way they might be asking more from the contract which putting both the parties in to trouble.

For every contract it is very important to have certainty but in this particular matter I don’t see any certainty. So Paris Hilton failing to do her interviews and other promotional activities doesn’t put her clearly at the breach of contract.

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